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Soft Cat Carriers

Lightweight and easy to carry, our soft cat carriers offer a secure and comfortable solution for transporting your feline friend. As the purrfect alternative to hard cat carriers, soft cat carriers provide a snug fit, which helps reduce stress on your kitty during travel and makes trips more enjoyable for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are soft cat carriers safe for my cat?

Yes, soft cat carriers are designed to be safe and comfortable for your cat. Look for carriers with adequate ventilation, sturdy materials, and secure closures to ensure your cat's safety during travel.

Can I use a soft cat carrier for flying with my cat?

Many soft cat carriers are airline-approved, but it’s essential to check with your airline for their specific requirements and regulations regarding cat carriers.

Is a soft-sided or hard-sided carrier better for my cat?

It depends on your cat's personality and your travel needs. Soft-sided carriers are lightweight and easy to store, making them great for cats who prefer a snug fit. Hard-sided carriers offer more protection and are ideal for energetic cats who might try to escape or move around a lot.

How do I clean and maintain my soft cat carrier?

Most soft cat carriers have removable, washable liners or pads. Use a mild detergent and follow the care instructions for cleaning. Regular maintenance will keep the carrier fresh and comfortable for your cat.

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