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About MissyMoMo


😼 I'm a cat, a sassy cat. My human calls me Missy. This store was founded thanks to me. It all started on a beautiful sunny day when I decided to take my human out for a walk. My human struggled to get me into a new carrier that didn’t suit a cat like me who has a great purrsonality. “How dare you!” I meowwwed. And she seemed to notice how upset I was feline. She then did some searching for cat carriers, showed me all the search results, and thoughtfully asked me to scroll down and find the one that tickled my fancy. To my disappointment, her phone isn’t paw-friendly. Let me just end the story here and hand it over to my human who’s been doing nothing but sitting there looking at me with heart eyes all day. I’ve got bigger fish to fry. See ya litter!


Thanks, Missy! That’s pretty much why we, Missy’s human, May, and a team of cat people, founded MissyMoMo. May thought that Missy felt let down beclaws there was not a single carrier that seemed to catch her eye back then. She was so determined to find the purrfect carrier for Missy that she spent hours looking for carriers that might showcase Missy's individuality. That was a lot of work for someone who’d rather spend most of her time lounging on the couch with Missy. "There must be other cat parents going through the same situation," May thought to herself. The idea of putting cat carriers with different styles and designs all in one place then popped into her head. Voilà! MissyMoMo was born.



At MissyMoMo, we are dedicated to providing the necessary equipment for your cat's outdoor excursions. We believe that every cat should have the opportunity to experience the wonders of the great outdoors and live out all of their nine lives to the fullest potential. Our products are carefully selected to ensure the safety and comfort of your feline companion, allowing them to fully enjoy their time outside. An outdoor adventure not only gives your cat the chance to see and smell new things, but it also strengthens the bond between the two of you. It is important to remember that while walking your cat may be a fun idea, it is crucial to always consider their consent before making any decisions.

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