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Cat Carriers For Travel

Whether you’re taking your cat to the vet or moving across the country with your feline, cat carriers and backpacks offer the best option for taking the stress out while traveling with your cat.

Here at MissyMoMo, we offer a variety of stylish and safe cat travel carriers to choose from, including backpack-style cat carriers for urban adventures or airline-approved carriers for flying with your cat.

In case you need to take your cat out of the carrier while you’re traveling, get a harness with a leash to give your cat more freedom and add a little extra safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a soft-sided or hard-sided carrier better for my cat?

Soft cat carriers are lightweight and easy to fold and store. They're also great for cats who don't like being confined.

Hard cat carriers are more durable and help prevent injuries if you have an energetic cat who likes to jump around while they're in their carrier. However, they can be heavier and take up more space than soft carriers.

There's no right answer when it comes to choosing a cat carrier — it depends on your cat's personality and your own preferences.

How to get my cat into a carrier?

Start by getting them used to the carrier by placing it where they spend most of their time, such as near their food bowl or litter box.

Put treats inside the carrier so that they begin associating it with something positive rather than negative (possible confinement).

Instead of forcing them into the carrier, coax them inside using treats or toys placed inside it.

Once they're comfortable going in there, start closing the door while they're inside and reward them when they come out again. Over time, increase how long you keep them there before letting them out again.

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