What You Need To Know About Staying In A Hotel With Your Cat

Things You Need To Know About Staying In A Hotel With Your Cat | MissyMoMo


Staying in a hotel with your cat can be an exciting adventure for you both, but it can quickly turn into an unpleasant experience if you're not prepared. To make sure you have the best possible experience when traveling with your furry friend, here are some of the best things to do before you go.


Ask the hotel ahead of time to confirm their pet policy

Before booking a hotel, call ahead of time and find out if the hotel accepts pets. Some hotels have pet policies that may limit the size of pets allowed, charge a fee for pets, or restrict the number of pets you can bring. Others allow only service animals and not other types of pets. If there is any doubt, ask before bringing your cat along.


Bring proof of vaccines

You'll need to provide proof that your cat is up to date on their vaccinations upon check-in at the hotel, so make sure vaccinations are current before you leave on your trip. This is essential if you plan on having your kitty play with other felines in any cat-friendly accommodations the hotel may offer during your stay.


Bring all of your cat's necessities

Bring along food and water bowls and any other items your cat uses on a daily basis. Have a small litter box with disposable liners and litter on hand for the car ride. You may also want to pack your cat's favorite toys, beds, and blankets from home, so your cat will feel more comfortable in a new environment. Make sure you have the medication and medical supplies that your kitty needs in case of an emergency. And you will need a leash and harness if you want to take your cat out of the hotel room and explore the surroundings. 


Prepare a cat carrier

Use a carrier to transport your cat. If your cat isn't used to traveling in their carrier, start introducing it at least a week before your trip. Leave the door open, so they can explore on their own, and leave treats inside. You can also put a blanket inside that smells like home so your kitty will feel more comfortable when you're on the road. When traveling by car, keep your cat in a carrier during the entire trip. If your cat is prone to motion sickness or panic attacks, talk to your vet before the trip about medication that helps your kitty reduce anxiety and nausea. 


How to help my cat feel safe in a hotel?

New environments can be scary for cats. Here are some tips to help your cat feel at home in a hotel.


Place the litterbox in a discreet location

You may want to use a covered box if the space is limited or your cat is particularly shy. If possible, put the box in a corner or some other enclosed area so your cat can do their business without feeling too exposed.


Keep things as quiet as possible when you first arrive at the hotel room

Your cat doesn't know what to expect in this new place, so they may be anxious from the start. If you have children or other pets, try to keep them away from your cat for now, since loud noises and unfamiliar faces can just make things worse.


Take your kitty for a walk through the room

Let your cat get comfortable moving around the room and show them where they could hide, sleep and explore.


Keep the curtains closed and provide plenty of hiding places for your cat

This will make your hotel room feel more like home for your cat, and they won't feel exposed or vulnerable in an unfamiliar place.


Keep your cat in the carrier until they feel safe

To help your cat feel more at home, place the carrier in a quiet spot on the floor or a table or desk. Allow your kitty time to explore the hotel room from inside their carrier. Place their litter box, food, water, and toys near the carrier so they feel more secure. If your kitty seems nervous, keep them in their carrier with the door open for as long as they need. After they're used to being out of their carrier, encourage them to leave it and explore their new surroundings by placing treats just outside of it.


Spend time with your cat until they feel relaxed

If your cat is stressed, talk to them in a soft and reassuring voice. It will help calm your kitty down and get them used to new situations. 



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Planning a hotel visit with your cat is not as challenging as you think once you get the hang of things. Don’t let hotel policies scare you off - ask questions, clarify expectations, and share any needs or concerns. And then you can spend the rest of your vacation enjoying your time away with a happy cat at your side.