The 10 Best Gifts For Cats That Travel

10 Best Gift For Cats That Travel | MissyMoMo

Aiko Cat Harness & Leash Set


Are you tired of leaving your furry feline friend behind while you jet off on your latest adventure? Or maybe you have a friend who’s always on the go with their feline friend? Well, MissyMoMo have the solution to your cat travel woes! We believe that cats should never be left out of the fun, which is why we've curated a list of the 10 best gifts for cats that travel. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or a cross-country road trip, our stylish and safe travel carriers, backpacks, and harness and leash sets will ensure that your feline companion travels in comfort and style. We know that each cat has their own unique personality, therefore, we've made sure to include a variety of options that will suit every feline friend's individual preferences. So, without further ado, let's take a look at MissyMoMo's top 10 travel gifts for cats!

TellyMoMo Cat Carrier

Introducing the ultimate vintage-inspired style and comfort for your feline friend! Our first must-have cat carrier is the purrfect blend of functionality and retro charm. The TellyMoMo Cat Carrier features a wide-set door and an easy-to-use snap-lock closure, so you'll never have to worry about your kitty escaping during travel again. Plus, with its temperature and humidity sensor, ventilation holes, and plush interior pad, your cat will be comfortable and cozy on any adventure.

But that's not all - this hard cat carrier also features side openings for you to pet and soothe your kitty during travel, and a tinted window to protect them from harsh sun rays. And with the option to use it as a handheld bag or shoulder bag, you'll always have the flexibility you need to make your travels stress-free.

Tinypet Cat Backpack

TinyPet Cat Backpack

Imagine taking your feline friend on an outdoor adventure, exploring new places, and creating unforgettable memories together. The Tinypet Cat Backpack is not only stylish with its two-tone beige and caramel design, but it's also incredibly functional. Made with high-quality Oxford fabric, it's lightweight and easy on the eyes. The spacious interior allows even the chubbiest of cats to move around with ease, while the interior tether ensures that your kitty stays safe and secure.

The large front door with a privacy flap allows your kitty to peek out and observe the world outside, while the mesh panels provide ample ventilation for added comfort. Designed to be ergonomic, the backpack distributes weight evenly and eliminates pressure points on your shoulders. It's also easy to wipe clean, ensuring it looks brand new after every adventure. Plus, with its collapsible design, it can be easily stored away when not in use, and the internal PVC frame provides structure and support, making it the purrfect travel companion for you and your feline friend.

Fuji Cat Harness & Leash Set

Get ready to impress your furry friend and everyone around you with this Japanese high school uniform-inspired harness and leash set. Not only will it keep your kitty comfortable and secure during your daily walks, but it will also turn heads and have people stopping you to ask where you got it. The breathable mesh lining ensures your kitty stays cool and comfortable even on hot days, and the soft material is gentle on their skin. With a sturdy D-ring for easy leash attachment and a combination of Velcro and buckles, you can rest assured that your furry friend is safe and secure while exploring the world around them. Plus, it's easy to clean so you can keep your kitty looking sharp and stylish at all times. Don't wait to add this must-have accessory to your kitty's wardrobe!

Aurora Cat Harness & Leash

Aurora Cat Harness & Leash Set

Made from vegan leather that feels silky smooth against your cat's skin, the Aurora harness comes in a variety of gradient colors that will have your cat looking like a fashion icon. This isn't your ordinary cat harness - with its waterproof and lightweight design, it's purrfect for all kinds of adventures, whether you're headed to the beach or the mountains. It hugs your cat's body in all the right places, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. And with its adjustable straps and easy-release buckle, it's easy to put on and take off, while still being difficult for your cat to wriggle out of.

Milo Cat Harness & Leash Set

Your fur baby deserves only the best, and the Milo Cat Harness & Leash Set is sure to make them feel like the star of the show! Made from soft and breathable cotton, it is gentle on your kitty's skin and provides utmost comfort. The adorable matching mini bag adds a touch of whimsy to your walks, while the embroidered cartoon showcases your fur baby's unique personality. With quick-release buckles and adjustable neck and chest straps, this set is a purrfect fit for small and medium-sized kitties who love to explore and play.

Mochi Cat Harness & Leash Set

Stand out from the crowd and turn heads with this vibrant two-tone harness & leash set! With colors ranging from bold orange and mint green to soft pink and light blue, there's a shade to suit every kitty's unique personality. Not only does it look great, but it also offers top-notch security with a built-in reflective strip for those nighttime walks. The soft and comfortable material will keep your furry friend happy and snug and the easy-to-use buckle makes it a breeze to put on and take off. Plus, the comfy padded handle ensures that you'll be comfortable too, no matter how long your walks may be.

Floof Voyager Cat Backpack

Don't settle for a run-of-the-mill cat backpack. Upgrade your cat's travel experience with the Floof Voyager Cat Backpack and prepare for your cat to be the talk of the town! Made from eco-friendly materials, this backpack is not only stylish but also designed to reduce your cat's travel stress.

With two side openings, you can easily slide in some treats and give your feline friend a pat on the head to make them feel safe and secure. But what makes this cat backpack truly unique is its front window, which can be adjusted to suit your cat's personality and mood. Cover it up to 80% for nervous kitties who prefer not to see the outside world. Adjust it to 65% for curious kitties who want to take in the sights. Or uncover 50% for adventurous kitties who love all the attention.

Not only is the Floof Voyager Cat Backpack fashionable and fun, but it's also incredibly functional. The backpack can be opened flat for stress-free loading, and its mesh sides ensure your cat stays cool and comfortable on their travels. The locking zippers and safety tether keep your furry friend securely belted in, so you can relax and enjoy the ride together.

Voocoo Cat Carrier

Voocoo Cat Carrier

Elevate your cat's travel game with the Voocoo Cat Carrier that combines style, comfort, and durability in one irresistible package. Crafted from premium vegan leather, this carrier oozes sophistication and luxury that will have heads turning wherever you go.

But this carrier is more than just a pretty accessory. It's expertly designed to keep your cat comfortable and secure during transport, with a roomy interior that's softly padded to make your feline feel right at home. The mesh sides offer optimal ventilation, ensuring your kitty stays cool and relaxed even on hot days.

And don't be fooled by its chic exterior - this carrier is built to last. Made from sturdy, anti-scratch materials, it can withstand playful and curious kitties. Plus, the zippered top opening and adjustable shoulder strap make it as functional as it is fashionable.

Urban Wanderer Cat Backpack

Looking for a cat backpack that can keep up with your adventurous feline? Look no further than the Urban Wanderer Cat Backpack! This spacious and collapsible backpack is designed to combine practicality with a touch of whimsy, making it the purrfect way to transport your furry friend on all your adventures.

Crafted from sturdy, water-repellent material and featuring extra-thick fabric, this backpack can withstand even the most curious and playful kitties. And with a large front opening and two side openings, your cat can easily enter and exit, while the 3-sided mesh panels keep them well-ventilated and comfortable throughout your journey.

Plus, with its built-in luggage sleeve and mesh pocket on the side, this backpack is the ultimate travel companion for both you and your cat. And with reflective trim for increased visibility in low light conditions and an ergonomic design that distributes weight evenly to eliminate pressure points, you can enjoy peace of mind while exploring the great outdoors with your furry friend.

Fleur Cat Harness & Leash Set

Let your kitty show off their wild side with the Fleur Cat Harness & Leash Set. Made of soft and comfortable cotton, this charming harness is purrfect for keeping your furry friend cozy during all of your adventures. Whether you're going for a stroll around the neighborhood or hitting the park for a day of playtime, this harness will ensure that your cat looks stylish and feels comfortable.

Featuring an eye-catching floral pattern and D-ring detail, it is not only functional but also fashion-forward. The dual closure design of buckle and Velcro ensures that your cat is safe and secure at all times, no matter how much they like to wiggle and squirm. The metal ring leash attachment adds an extra layer of security, giving you the confidence to explore the world with your cat.


No matter where your adventures take you and your feline friend, MissyMoMo's top 10 travel gifts for cats are sure to make the journey more comfortable, stylish, and enjoyable. From vintage-inspired carriers to stylish cat backpacks and trendy harness and leash sets, there's something for every cat's unique personality and preferences. So why leave your furry friend behind when you can take them along for the ride in style? Shop our collection today and start planning your next adventure with your feline friend!