How To Choose The Best Cat Backpack And Why You Need One?

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If you ever watch videos of cats on YouTube, then you’ve probably seen cats riding in backpacks. Cat backpacks are simply the most adorable way for your feline friend to go on adventures with you. They'll get to see all of their surroundings while on your back. Whether it’s to the vet, or just out on a stroll, having them by your side is undoubtedly one of the best ways to create a bonding experience.


What's so special about cat backpacks?

Cat backpacks come with a variety of unique features that make them different from regular backpacks. They are designed especially for carrying cats around. Most feature safety tethers, breathable mesh panels for ventilation, pockets for storing treats, and openings that allow a cat to go through. Cat backpacks allow your kitty to experience new environments with you, have fun in places that they might not be able to explore without one.


What makes the best backpack for my cat?

The best backpack for your cat is the one that has a snug fit, is comfortable, and matches your cat's personality. 

There are many aspects when choosing the best backpack for your cat. The first thing is to choose the right size. If it's too small, then your cat will not be able to move around comfortably without feeling cramped. If it's too big, then your cat will end up sliding around inside when you walk.

Another thing to take into account is the comfort level for your cat. Well-ventilated backpacks will keep your fur baby cool during hot days. The ones with soft lining are as important to ensure your feline friend will feel comfortable when they move around or scratch themselves against the fabric of the backpacks.

Last but not least, look for a backpack according to your kitty's preference. For instance, if your cat prefers being close to you at all times, then you may want something with more padding on the inside so they can feel more secure. If you have an adventurous kitty who loves exploring new places, then you might want something with less padding where they can be free from confinement.



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How to get my cat comfortable with their cat backpack?

The answer is simple: you need to get your cat used to it gradually.

First, get the backpack and place it in a room where your cat spends a lot of time. Let your cat sniff around and explore it for a while. Then, feed your cat near the backpack so they can eat from there. If they are not scared of it yet, put some treats in there too. Repeat this process until your cat is comfortable with the backpack being around them. Once they are used to being near it, put them in it without closing or zipping up the opening for about 10 minutes then gradually increase that time period over time - but make sure not to push them too hard!


How to get my reluctant cat into the backpack?

Cats are notoriously difficult to get into backpacks and often need some kind of trickery in order to be persuaded inside. We have gathered five great tricks that will help you get your unwilling cat into the backpack with ease:

  1. Make sure your kitty is curious about the backpack. If you introduce it as something fun, your kitty will be more likely to go inside without any fuss. Let your cat explore it if they want - they may sniff at it and rub up against it before going inside.
  2. Try not to have any other people around when you're trying to get your cat into the backpack. If there are too many people, your kitty might be distracted, and it will be harder for them to focus on getting into the backpack. 
  3. Rub some catnip on the backpack. Most cats enjoy spending time with catnip and will become interested in getting in it if there is some on it.
  4. Hide a couple of toys inside the backpack. And close the zipper just enough for them to be hidden in there but still accessible to your cat. Then let your fur baby go inside and see what happens. 
  5. Praise your cat when they go into the backpack. Give treats out when your kitty enters on their own accord. It's good training for future trips and helps your kitty associate good feelings with their backpacks instead of bad ones.

Ultimately, the best way to get your reluctant cat into a backpack is to be as persuasive as possible. If you give yourself enough time to explore these options, we're sure you can ultimately outsmart your reluctant feline!



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Cat backpacks will make your kitty feel like a true adventurer who can go on any trip with you. And the right backpack will not only define the life you will lead together but also make your cat's bond stronger.