A Comprehensive Guide to Sailing with Cats

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The allure of sailing with a cat by your side is sweeping across the seas like a feline-induced breeze. In this guide, we'll navigate you through the steps to ensure your cat's safety and comfort, crafting memories of sailing together that are as unforgettable as can be. Join us on this voyage filled with whiskers, waves, and wonder.

Cat-Ready Preparations

Safety Precautions

Training your cat for emergencies on boats is a must. Begin by teaching them basic commands, such as coming when called. Gradually familiarize your cat with the boat, allowing them time to adjust to the surroundings. This training ensures that your cat is well-prepared for unexpected events while sailing.

As an additional safety precaution, assess your cat's swimming abilities. Start by gently introducing your feline friend to water in a controlled environment, like a shallow basin or a pet-friendly pool. Keep a keen eye on their reactions — because, you know, not all cats fancy themselves as natural swimmers. It's all about gauging their comfort level with this aqueous endeavor. Including this swimming assessment in your comprehensive boat safety training will provide you with a thorough understanding of your cat's abilities.

Gear and Equipment

Life Jackets

Setting sail with your feline friend requires more than just a sturdy boat; it demands a commitment to your cat's safety. The first thing is to get your cat an appropriate life jacket specifically designed for cats. Find one that fits snugly and doesn't cramp your cat's style. We're talking about safety without sacrificing the cozy factor.

Cat Harnesses and Leashes

When the allure of the open sea beckons, your cat will need a harness and leash to stretch their sea legs. Choose a harness that allows them to roam freely while ensuring they stay securely connected to the boat. Now, your cat can bask in the sun, watch the waves, and take in the sights without missing a whisker of the maritime spectacle.

Familiar Items

Every seafaring cat needs a touch of home on the high seas. Pack your cat's favorite toys, bedding, and other familiar items to create a cozy haven in the midst of the rolling waves. Let the scents of home accompany them on this grand adventure.

Litter box

In the rolling waves and rocky seas, a cat-friendly litter box is a must-have. Look for one designed for boats or with high sides to keep the litter from spilling during rough seas.

Pet First Aid Kit

Your boat should have a pet first aid kit. Bandages, antiseptic wipes, and prescribed medications from your trusted veterinarian are the tools of the trade. Be prepared for any health-related squalls, and let's ensure your cat sails through their adventures with the wind at their backs and health at the forefront!

Keeping Your Cat Safe on the Boat

Cat-Proofing Your Boat

Cat-proofing your boat is a crucial step in guaranteeing a comfortable and secure environment for your curious companion.

To cat-proof your boat:

Secure Potential Escape Routes

Let's block off any great escape plans for your cat. No accidental overboard adventures or unexpected cat disappearances - we're in the business of safe sailing.

Protect Sensitive Areas

Wrap up your electronic gear, ropes, and sails in a cozy layer of covers or enclosures. It's like giving them a cat-proof fortress to play in without the worry of unintended damage.

Implement Effective Barriers

Utilize netting or gates to establish barriers. Establishing these cozy barriers ensures your cat stays within their designated safe zone, sparing them from unintended mischief.

Install Non-Slip Surfaces

Let's give your cat the purrfect dance floor. Install non-slip surfaces or mats so they can groove around the boat safely, even when the waves decide to show off their moves.

Create Cozy Hiding Spots

Offer your cat their own little paradise. Designate cozy spots with their favorite cat bed or blanket – a retreat for when the waves get a bit too wild or the seagulls are just too chatty.

Ensure Sunny Spots

Every cat deserves a sunbathing session. Find those sunny spots on the boat where your cat can soak up the rays, keeping their spirits high and their circadian rhythm in check.

Place Litter Box Thoughtfully

Position the litter box in an easily accessible yet discreet location. Secure it to prevent spills during sailing, ensuring your cat has a convenient and clean spot for their essential needs.



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Tips for a Smooth Sailing Experience

We've laid the foundation. It's time to set sail! Here are some tips to ensure your kitty has the smoothest voyage possible.

Monitoring Your Cat

Keep a Cat-Watch

Set your captain's hat on and keep a close eye on your feline friend during the journey. Watch their whiskers and tails for any cues – a happy cat means smooth sailing. If you notice signs of stress, like twitchy tails or nervous purring, it might be time to drop anchor for a little break.

Cat Break Time

Just like us, cats need a break from the action. Recognize when your cat needs some downtime and create a cozy corner for them to unwind. Whether it's a quick nap or just a moment away from the waves, giving your cat a break ensures they stay shipshape throughout the adventure.

Weather Considerations

Purrfect Sailing Days

Plot your course wisely! Choose sailing days with optimal weather conditions for your cat's comfort. A sunny, gentle breeze is a feline delight, but rough seas might leave your cat feeling a bit seasick. Let's make every voyage a pleasant one for your whiskered companion.

Shaded Comfort Zones

Even the bravest of sea cats need a bit of shade. Ensure there are cozy spots with shade for your cat to retreat to during extreme weather conditions. Whether it's a strategically placed towel or a little cat-sized umbrella, provide shelter so your fur baby can weather the storm in comfort.


Seasickness can cast a shadow over the brightest sailing days, even for your salty sea cat. Here are some practical tips to tackle seasickness:

Gradual Exposure

Before the grand voyage, let your feline mate dip their paws into the seafaring life. Gradually introduce them to the boat, letting them explore every nook and cranny. Allow the gentle sway of the boat to become a familiar dance partner before the real sea adventure begins.

Fresh Air

A breath of salty sea air is a balm for the soul. Ensure the boat is well-ventilated, letting the ocean breeze flow freely. No one likes stuffy spaces, especially not your seafaring companion. Let the air be as fresh as the adventures that await.


Sailing can work up a thirst. Keep your cat well-hydrated throughout the journey. Fresh water should be on deck at all times, ensuring they stay refreshed and ready for the next wave of excitement.

Limited Food Before Sailing

Before the ship sets sail, treat your cat to a light meal a few hours in advance. Avoid an empty or too-full stomach – finding that perfect balance ensures a stomach as steady as the boat on calm waters.

Medication Consultation

Plotting a course for smooth sailing may involve a chat with your veterinarian. Consult about seasickness medications suitable for your cat. These nifty remedies can help ease any unease, but remember, it's all hands on deck when it comes to professional guidance.

Calming Pheromones

Transform your boat into a peaceful retreat for your cat by utilizing feline calming pheromones. Spritz a bit of magic with calming sprays or set the mood with diffusers. Observe the soothing effect as your cat embraces relaxation, turning the boat into a floating oasis of calm.

Reassurance and Comfort

In the vast sea, your presence is your cat's anchor. Offer reassurance and gentle petting to calm any anxious or seasick moments. Your touch is the compass guiding them through the waves, ensuring a voyage filled with comfort and companionship.


With your cat explorer prepped and paws set for adventure, may your sails catch the wind of whiskers and waves. Set forth, keeping safety and smooth sailing in your sights. Here's to a voyage filled with feline wonders and endless sea tales.



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Is it safe to bring my cat on a boat?

Absolutely! With cat-proofing and safety measures, your feline friend can enjoy the seas as much as you do. Before you set sail, make a date with your vet for a health checkup. Double-check that vaccinations are in the clear, gear up against those pesky fleas and ticks, and make sure you've got the kitty meds sorted. Don't forget to discuss seasickness remedies and seek professional advice on preparing your cat for the maritime journey.

Do cats enjoy sailing?

Cats are a mixed bag of adventure! Some take to it like fish to water, while others might need a gentle introduction. It's all about finding their sea legs.

How do I train my cat for boat trips?

Start by getting your cat used to the boat while it's still on land. Let them explore and get familiar with the surroundings. Once on board, create a cozy spot for them and use calming aids like pheromone sprays or treats to ease any anxiety.

What safety precautions should I take when sailing with my cat?

Always make sure your cat has a secure harness and life jacket designed for felines. Keep an eye on weather conditions and plan your trips accordingly. Have a pet first aid kit onboard in case of emergencies.

What should I pack for my cat on a sailing trip?

Pack essentials such as food, water, litter box, and any medications your cat may need. It's also helpful to have non-spill bowls and sturdy carriers for transportation between the boat and shore.

How do I handle seasickness in cats while sailing?

Just like humans, some cats may experience seasickness. Consult your vet about potential remedies or medications that can alleviate motion sickness in cats before embarking on your sailing adventure.