Why Should Your Cat Ride in a Car Carrier?

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Traveling with your cat can be a stressful and nerve-wracking experience. You have to worry about them being a distraction while driving, causing an accident, or trying to escape. Not to mention there are more and more dangers on the road these days, from aggressive drivers to distracted pedestrians. By using a cat carrier as a safe place for your feline friend to ride during car trips, you can protect both of you from harm.


Why should my cat ride in a car carrier?

Cats are not safe to be let loose in your car, and they should only be transported in a carrier but not on your laps. There are many reasons why cats should always ride in a carrier: 

Carriers help you to avoid distractions

Your cat might try to jump out of the window or claw at the door and hurt themselves. A cat that's scratching at the windows may distract the driver, causing him/her to drive erratically and end up in an accident. Your cat could also scratch or bite you during an accident, which will make dealing with scratches or bites on top of an accident more difficult for both you and your pet.

Carriers help you avoid situations that could lead to injury or death of your cat

There are all sorts of dangers lurking on roadways that can pose a real threat to cats - dogs, wild animals, cars swerving into lanes after hitting debris, even toxic plants or chemicals. A carrier can offer protection from all of these dangers, as well as physical protection from bumps, jostles, and sudden stops that could cause injury or even death.

Carriers come in handy in case of emergencies

A cat carrier can help you stay prepared for emergencies. If an accident happens and your cat is injured, it can provide protection from further injury. It's also useful when your cat experiences an injury in the middle of an adventure or trip (like if a bee stings them). Having your cat in a carrier makes it easier if you need to bring them to the nearest vet for help.

Carriers are psychologically comforting for your cat and reduce anxiety and stress levels

Many cats experience motion sickness when being driven in the car. Carriers help keep your cat comfortable by providing a safe space for them to take refuge until they get used to the idea of riding around in a vehicle. Your cat will feel much more comfortable when being in their own safe zone instead of being confined inside a car. 


What to look for in a car carrier for my cat?

Carriers are available in many different sizes, materials, shapes, and designs. Some are collapsible for easy storage when not in use. Some are expandable and provide plenty of space for your kitty to roam around, which gives your cat a safe and comfortable place during the ride.


When choosing the design of a carrier, consider getting one that your cat prefers. If you have a shy kitty, you may want to get a carrier with a cover that can be rolled down to provide your cat with much-needed privacy. If your kitty likes to feel like they are in charge of the entire universe, then Castronaut Space Cat Backpack is your best bet. It allows your kitty to see out of the spaceship-like backpack while helping them stay in the middle of it, thanks to its triangular structure. And for kitties who enjoy looking out of the window while riding a car, Purry Cat Car Seat Carrier and Explorer Cat Car Seat Carrier are specially designed for them. They give your cat a full field of view, making them feel relaxed during the trip. 


Whichever design you choose, the best carriers for car travel are the ones that provide maximum protection and comfort for your cat. Here are some features to consider:


Sturdy construction. The carrier needs to be sturdy enough to keep your cat secure in an accident, and also prevent them from getting out during the drive.

Proper size. It should be large enough for your cat to stand up and turn around in comfortably, with extra room for a litter box or other supplies, if needed.

Security. The door to the carrier should close securely so that your cat doesn’t escape while the carrier is being moved. Some carriers have latches that can only be opened from outside; this ensures that your cat won't accidentally open the door while en route.

Good ventilation. Cats need to breathe freely during car trips. Make sure there are enough ventilation holes around the sides of the carrier, as well as in the front door. A mesh top is also helpful for adding more air circulation, especially if you’ll have to keep windows closed due to inclement weather or if you’re traveling through areas with lots of bugs in the air. 



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All in all, a cat carrier is your very best friend when it comes to keeping your cat safe during driving hours. It will make traveling easier for both of you by giving your cat a safe, cozy place to rest or sleep; and give you greater peace of mind by keeping them secure and out of the way.