The Purrfect Shopping List Your New Cat Will Love

The Essentials Your New Cat Will Love | MissyMoMo


Hooray! You’ve got a new cat! As a first-time cat parent, you will want to make sure you have all the essentials to keep your feline friend happy and healthy. This checklist covers everything you will need for your new cat and is guaranteed to make them purr with happiness.



Litter Box & Litter | MissyMoMo


Litter Box and Litter

Cats are clean animals. They love to be clean and to keep their habitat clean! So, you should purchase the litter box and litter for your new cat before they arrive. The bigger the litter box, the more space your cat will find comfortable while doing their business. Also, make sure that the litter box has high sidewalls as your cat won't like to step on the dirty ground. The type of cat litter you choose depends on what's most important to you. For example, if you want an environmentally-friendly choice that still controls odor, try corn cob litter. Corn cob litter is biodegradable and dust-free, although it can be more expensive than most other types of cat litter.



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Scratching Post

You may want to get a scratching post for your new cat as it is necessary for their development and wellbeing. Cats need to express themselves in many ways, and one of the ways they can do it is by scratching. Scratching is a good way for cats to relieve stress and sharpen their claws. It can also help them shed the dead outer layer of their claws. By giving your cat a scratching post, you are helping to keep your furniture from being damaged. Tangling with a scratching post can also help a cat maintain healthy muscles and bones due to the exercise involved in jumping, pouncing, and scratching.  



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Cat Carrier

The main reason you need a cat carrier is obvious: transport! Transporting your new kitty in a cardboard box can be risky if they're not properly secured during transit. Whether it's a trip to the vet or an outing into the neighborhood, a cat carrier can carry your cat and keep them safe, comfortable, and calm during the entire journey. The right cat carrier can make all the difference in how your cat experiences travel, so it's worth taking some time to find the best option for you and your new feline friend.



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Grooming Tools

Your new cat will need these basic grooming supplies, including a soft-bristled brush, grooming mitts (some cats prefer these over brushes), nail clippers, and a flea comb. You might also want to invest in a pet comb to help keep your kitty's fur looking its best. You should brush your kitty at least once every day because this will help get rid of loose hair that can form knots over time and create tangles that could become serious health problems for your cat if left untreated. Grooming brushes are also a good way to bond with your cat. Cats enjoy being brushed because it reminds them of being cared for by their mother when they were kittens.



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Cats need entertainment and stimulation to help them stay active and healthy. A bored cat can develop bad habits like excessive grooming and destructive behavior. A new cat needs toys that allow them to explore the world around them and get used to their new home. Playtime with your cat is a great way to strengthen the bond between you two. Cats love the feeling of being in control, so when choosing toys for your cat, make sure you pick ones they can play with on their own when you're not around. Interactive toys are also a good choice, as they give you a chance to play with your kitty too!



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One Food Bowl & One Water Bowl

Water and food bowls are a part of every cat's life so it's important to buy them before bringing your new cat home. Ceramic bowls are usually more expensive than plastic ones, and they might seem heavier too. However, they are more hygienic than plastic bowls because they can be washed in the dishwasher or hot water with soap. Also, ceramic bowls are more durable than plastic ones. In order to help your new cat adjust to the household, you may want to keep the bowls in one place so they know where they can find their food and water. After a while, you can move the bowls around as necessary, but initially, it's best to keep them in the same spot each day to help your new cat learn where they are.



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Treating your new cat to their own bed is one of the best gifts you can give them. A comfortable sleeping spot can prevent behavioral problems such as scratching and inappropriate urination. Whatever you decide to get, the bed needs to be soft enough for your new cat to sleep on but also sturdy enough that they don't destroy it in a matter of minutes. The interior of it should also be plush and comfortable so that it's inviting to cats who are naturally lazy and possessive of their favorite spots. Most cats like snuggling up into warm places, so look for beds with removable covers that can be washed.



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Cat Tree (Not A Must But Recommended)

A cat tree is more than just a place to scratch, perch, or sleep. It gives your new feline friend an opportunity to exercise and stretch, which is crucial for strengthening muscles and keeping joints healthy. Cats who aren't allowed the opportunity to climb, jump and explore run the risk of developing joint problems when they get older. A cat tree also gives your new cat a feeling of safety and security. Cats are natural predators, and if they live with people instead of other felines, they can develop fear. Climbing up high can help them feel like they're safe from attack by predators on the ground – even though you aren't a threat at all!