From Woofs to Purrs: The 10 Cat Breeds that Act Like Dogs

The 10 Cat Breeds that Act Like Dogs

Ever experienced that "wait, am I living with a cat or a dog moment?" If you've noticed your kitty doing double takes with their unexpectedly dog-like behavior, you're not alone. Get ready to uncover the reasons behind your cat's tail-wagging, fetching, and overall dog-inspired antics. In this furtastic journey, we'll introduce you to 10 feline breeds that embody the spirit of cats like dogs. So, as you smile and nod along, ponder whether your cat has been secretly sharing secrets with the neighbor's pooch!


What are some dog-like traits in cats?

Is your kitty secretly a dog-like cat? More than a phrase, a dog-like cat encapsulates a delightful concept where the distinctions between feline elegance and canine charm dissolve into heartwarming moments. Let's explore the common traits that bridge the world of cats and dogs:

Canine-Like Affection and Attachment

Have you ever felt like your feline companion is stuck to you like velcro? The insane level of affection certain cat breeds, like the Abyssinian and Burmese, mirrors the loyal and loving nature usually tied to dogs. These dog-like cats redefine the stereotypical aloofness of felines, creating a bond that feels more like a furry friendship forged in the fires of canine camaraderie.

Love for Water

Breeds like the Turkish Angora and Sphynx break the mold by enjoying baths and even swimming sessions. This unexpected dog-like trait adds a splash of excitement to your cat's purrsonality, challenging traditional feline aversions to water and proving that, in the land of dog-like cats, a little splash is all part of the purrsonal charm.

Leash Training and Walks

Leash training, often deemed a dog-exclusive activity, takes a surprising turn with cat breeds like the Abyssinian and Bombay. These dog-like cats not only tolerate leashes but also relish brisk walks, transforming your cat-owner experience into a delightful outdoor adventure. Training cats to walk on a leash blurs the lines between traditional feline and canine behaviors – who says only dogs get to enjoy a good stroll?

Playful Teasing and Interaction

Is your cat engaging in playful teasing and interactive antics that seem straight out of a dog's playbook? Breeds like the mischievous Bombay are known for their spirited playfulness, often seen teasing dogs and captivating their human companions with lively interactions. This dog-like quality adds an extra layer of entertainment to your feline buddy, making each day a playful adventure filled with surprises and delightful moments.

Vocal Communication and Debates

If your cat engages in spirited vocal debates, you're in for a treat – it's a dog-like communication style! Chatty Burmese are renowned for their expressive meows, turning everyday interactions into lively conversations. These dog-like cats vocalize their opinions, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere that closely resembles the communicative nature of dogs. Forget the silent stereotype – every meow tells a tale, making your home a symphony of furry debates.

High Intelligence and Trainability

The dog-like loyalty and intelligent cat breeds, such as the Abyssinian and Burmese, contribute to their trainability. These dog-like cats can learn commands, respond to whistles, and even master walking on a leash. This dog-like loyalty and cognitive prowess open up new avenues for feline companionship, shattering the myth that cats are less trainable than their canine counterparts.



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Why Does Your Cat Act Like a Dog?

Why does your cat channel their inner canine? The answer to this curious feline behavior might be rooted in your cat's social circles, playful mimicry, strategic performances for treats, and their potential for training. Let's delve deeper into each of these reasons:

Living in Canine Company

Is your cat picking up a few tricks from the furry friend next door? Cats that cohabit with dogs, especially from a tender age, might embrace some distinctly dog-like behaviors. Your feline may see the dog as a lifestyle role model, adopting their habits and routines as the gold standard.

The Drama for Treats

Some cats have a flair for the dramatic, especially when treats are on the line. Breeds like the Abyssinian and Oriental Shorthair are known for their unpredictable and attention-seeking behaviors, going to great lengths to be the center of your world. Imagine your cat playing tricks or fetching just to earn a few minutes of your undivided attention. This behavior, though not universal among all cats, is a strategic maneuver fueled by a desire for attention, a love for interaction, or the anticipation of post-performance treats.

The Allure of Training

Trainable feline breeds like the Siamese, Maine Coon, and Russian Blue shine as intellectual powerhouses. If your cat is exhibiting dog-like behaviors, such as responding to commands or showcasing tricks, it's likely because they are inherently trainable. These clever cats thrive on mental stimulation and are eager to please their owners. Teaching them to fetch, perform tricks, or respond to their name becomes a delightful exchange – your cat showcasing their skills in anticipation of the rewarding treats that follow.


10 types of cat breed that act like dogs

We've dished out the deets on why some kitties are doing the doggy cha-cha, and now it's time to meet th 10 feline breeds that've clearly taken a few notes from their canine buddies!



Abyssinian | MissyMoMo


The Abyssinian cat is a loyal and engaging breed that loves to follow their owner around from room to room. They crave constant acknowledgment and physical affection, making them an interactive and affectionate companion. Abyssinians are also known for their friendly demeanor and lack of aggression towards other cats. What sets them apart is their love for water, as they enjoy baths and even swimming. Leash training is also possible for Abyssinians, making them an excellent choice for those who enjoy taking brisk walks.



Ragdoll | MissyMoMo


Ragdolls are famous for their tendency to go limp and rest in a doll-like position when picked up, hence their name. They are calm and mellow-tempered cats that seek physical affection from their owners. Ragdolls easily adapt to their environment and get along well with children and other pets. Similar to dogs, they enjoy lap time and eagerly greet their owners at the door.



Manx | MissyMoMo


The Manx breed is unique not only because they are tailless but also because they exhibit a dog-like tendency to come when their owners whistle or call their name. Manx cats have an endless supply of affection for humans and are highly responsive to their owners. They can be trained to learn commands like "no" or "come," resembling a well-behaved dog. These cats are also known for their jumping and climbing abilities, as well as their habit of collecting and burying toys.



Turkish Angora | MissyMoMo

Turkish Angora

Clever, devoted, and social, the Turkish Angora breed enjoys involving themselves in whatever their owners are doing. They are loyal to their families and enjoy swimming, on their own terms. Turkish Angoras are playful, mischievous, and determined, making them well-suited for homes with lots of activity. Like dogs, they adore children and adults and make great family pets.



Bombay | MissyMoMo


Bombay cats are not only a common breed but also known for their dog-like behaviors. You may even spot them walking on a leash with their owners. Bombay cats are playful, interactive, and are often seen teasing dogs. They love showing and receiving affection, making them a fantastic choice for those seeking a playful and engaging pet.



Maine Coon | MissyMoMo

Maine Coon

Maine Coons stand out not only for their large size but also for their larger-than-life purrsonality. These loyal, loving, and playful cats stay cautious towards strangers, making them an ideal choice for those concerned about their safety. They require regular brushing to keep their thick coats mat-free, much like long-haired dogs. Maine Coons bond closely with their owners and exhibit dog-like loyalty.



Bengal | MissyMoMo


Bengal cats, with their playful and active nature, embody the spirit of canine playfulness. Known for enjoying interactive toys and games, Bengals bring a level of energy and engagement reminiscent of a dog's enthusiasm. Their love for play and exploration makes them an excellent choice for those seeking a feline companion that matches the vitality found in many canine friends.



Scottish Fold | MissyMoMo

Scottish Fold

Renowned for their distinctive folded ears, Scottish Folds are not just a delight to the eyes but a joy to the heart. With a gentle and laid-back demeanor, Scottish Folds form strong bonds with their owners, creating an atmosphere of serene companionship. Their sweet nature extends beyond physical charm, as they exhibit a dog-like loyalty, often forming deep connections with the entire family. Playful and loving, Scottish Folds gracefully navigate their surroundings, finding cozy nooks to observe the household with a watchful eye. As they perch in high places, their calm presence becomes a reassuring constant in the rhythm of daily life.



Burmese | MissyMoMo


Burmese cats display dog-like loyalty and high intelligence, similar to Abyssinians. They are known to follow their owners' every move and can be easily trained on a leash. Burmese cats are also more vocal than other breeds, often engaging in meowing debates with their owners. They're active and demand playtime when they feel like it, making them a great choice for active pet owners.



Sphynx | MissyMoMo


The Sphynx cat is possibly the most unique-looking feline breed, known for their lack of fur and extroverted purrsonality. Sphynxes are rambunctious, loyal, and loving cats that enjoy following their owners everywhere. While they may appear hairless, they have a fine layer of peach fuzz on their skin. This breed requires regular bathing, sunscreen application, and warm clothing to protect against temperature fluctuations.


From affectionate Abyssinians to playful Bombays, our exploration of 10 feline breeds has showcased the delightful spectrum of dog-like traits in cats. Here's to the furry friendships that defy expectations and add an extra dash of joy to our homes!