A Simple Guide For Getting Your Adventure Cat Ready For A Trip

Getting Your Adventure Cat Ready for A Trip | MissyMoMo


Have you ever wondered how to get ready for some a-meowing adventures with your feline friend? When embarking on an epic adventure with your cat, the first thing is to make sure you know how to prepare your cat, and yourself, for the trip. We've compiled our top tips to equip you and your cat for your next trek into the outdoors.


What are adventure cats? 

Before you start taking your cat outside, think about what kind of cat you have. Not all cats are adventure cats. Some are happiest curled up in a warm spot in the sun, while others would love to go on a walk with you. You should try to figure out if your cat would enjoy being outdoors. Here are some common traits of adventure cats.


Adventure cats are curious. They like to find new ways to have fun. They're very curious about the world around them and want to know what's going on in it all the time. They don't like to be cooped up inside and will try to escape if the door is opened. Adventure cats love to explore their surroundings, whether outside or inside their house! 


Adventure cats are bold and fearless. They are adventurous by nature and are not intimidated by new or unusual experiences. They are willing to try things that other cats would never dream of attempting. Adventure cats like to explore, jump very high and climb to the highest point they can find. They get bored easily, so they need some enrichment activities to improve their well-being. In short, they love adventure.


Adventure cats are also fairly social. They like to meet new people, but can sometimes be shy at first. They get along well with humans and other pets in the household and have an extroverted personality. Once they get to know someone well enough, they will be very attached and follow them around all day long. They are also very demanding of attention - if you are not paying attention to them right away, they'll make sure everyone in the room knows something's wrong by meowing loudly! 


How to get my cat adventure cat ready for a trip?

You’ve learned about adventure cats, and it’s time to prepare them for an adventure. Your adventure cat may be adventurous, but they need to be prepared and trained. It can be challenging to know where to begin preparing your feline friend. Here are some tips for making the experience easier for both you and your adventurous kitty:

Get your cat used to being outside from a young age

If you want your cat to enjoy going outside or on walks with you, you need to get them used to being outside from a young age. A kitten will adapt more easily to new surroundings than an older cat, and will soon be happily exploring the garden. If your cat is older and has never been outside, it can take much longer to teach them to explore the great outdoors. 

Keep them healthy with regular vet visits, vaccinations, and parasite control

Before taking your cat out, you need to ensure that your cat is fit for adventure. Make sure that your cat doesn't have any medical conditions which would mean it isn't safe for them to be outside. For example, cats with heart conditions or respiratory conditions should not be allowed outside as they may suffer a heart attack or an asthma attack due to the temperature change. 


If you are unsure about your cat's health, check with the vet first. Your vet will check to make sure that your cat is up to date with their vaccinations. If you are planning an adventure trip, ask your vet if they recommend any other vaccinations for your cat.

Practice in areas that are easy and manageable for your cat

Get your cat used to the idea of being outside in a controlled environment such as a small pen or patio area. This allows your kitty time to adjust to their new environment and build up trust in you, so they do not feel stressed out by the change in their surroundings. 


Always supervise your cat when they're outside. Bring treats or a favorite toy to help distract them from distractions like squirrels, birds, or other wildlife that might scare them. If they get scared, calmly bring them back inside.

Get your cat used to being outdoors gradually over time

Taming outdoor adventures start with socialization. Every adventure cat needs to learn what it feels like to be in the outside world. You can do this by taking your cat out for walks on a leash. Leash walking your cat allows them to become accustomed to various sights, smells, and sensations, which will hopefully make them feel more at ease when out on an adventure.


You need to start the training process slowly. Start with short daily walks and always keep your cat on their leash when outside. Be sure to give plenty of praise and treats throughout the training process. It should only take a couple of weeks before your cat knows how to walk on their leash properly. 


Final Step: Pack the usual essentials for an adventure

To get the most out of your adventure, not only should your cat be prepared, but the same goes for you as well. Before taking your kitty on an adventure, there are some essentials you need to prepare.


Certain items are necessary for any trip, such as food, water, and litter boxes. Your cat will also need an ID tag, and it's a good idea to bring along a carrier in case they have an accident or get too tired on the trip. You might also consider bringing along a travel litter box if your trip is longer than three days, as this will make cleaning easier.


Once you've packed the essentials, it's time to start thinking about familiar and comfort items. Cats are creatures of habit, so before you go anywhere with them, make sure they know what to expect from the experience. Bring their favorite toys, food bowl, and bedding from home before leaving so they can feel at home wherever you go.



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So there you have it — the basic steps you should take in preparation for travel with your adventure cat. With some patience and understanding, adventuring with your kitty can be a lot of fun and the perfect bonding experience for both of you.